Robot Street

Where kids learn robotics

More than just Robots

Does your child really care if they get a math problem wrong on a worksheet? How do you think their attitude might change if their answer to that same question affected how their robot moved?

A lot goes in to building modern robots. On Robot Street we use robotics to immerse kids in a rich world where learning about a broad range of topics is encouraged and required. From math and engineering to teamwork and programming, kids are excited to learn. Our hands-on, make-things-happen approach will get and keep them excited.

Educational Videos

We have met a lot of people and schools with the same problem: kids want to learn robotics but, even when they have access to robotics kits, they don't have anyone how knows it well enough to teach the kids. Unfortunately the help manuals that come with the kits, and even most available online, aren't very good.

Robot Street is going to solve that problem! We are going agile to get content up quickly to help people out. We'll get feedback, revise, repeat, and then boost the quality when things are stable. Forgive the rough edges - we hope you enjoy.

Curriculum Development

From LEGO Mindstorms EV3, to Arduino and Raspberry Pi, there are A LOT of great options to build a robot. From our experience, there are not as many great options to teach people, especially younger kids (9-) how to really understand and build robots with those platforms.

Robot Street's efforts are focused on building great learning materials for existing products. If there is a robotics platform that helps kids or adults learn, we will use it.

If you have a great robotics product that you feel serves that purpose, contact us and we will evaluate it for potential curriculum development.

Welcome to Robot Street

Video production is underway. Here's a glimpse at the beta version of our opening scene, led by Eugene (age 7).

Upcoming classes

The Maker Spot

LEGO Robotics 101

September 19, 2015, 2 - 3:30 pm

The Maker Spot is a valuable part of North Richland Hills Library in DFW Texas, and we are proud to volunteer and share our knowledge there with the community. Classes are free, but space is limited, so reserve your spot ASAP.

Additional classes coming in October.

Basswood Elementary


Starting October 2015

For 2-3 grade students of Basswood Elementary.

E.A. Young Academy

Robotics Club

After (mostly) successful LEGO Robotics summer camps, we'll be returning for the regular school year to challenge and teach young scholars more about robotics and programming.